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D&T Issue 15

Fortnite vs the world, Designers being edgy with AI prediction, Remote work forecasts and Caligula’s face

Hey there! Hope you had a decent 15th of August. We’ve heard Jio is purchasing Tik Tok and we don’t know how to take that news. Like we are unfazed these days with Jio news or tik-tok news. So we ware doubly unfazed.

Anyway here’s some ground breaking irrelevant journalism we did in Canvs internally which we are selfless enough to share with you:

Fortnite has been removed from Apple’s App Store after Epic Games implemented its own in-app payment system that bypassed Apple’s standard 30 per cent fee. Epic has responded by launching an antitrust lawsuit seeking to establish Apple’s App Store as a monopoly. Apple has given Epic until August 28 before removing the game makers’ developer accounts. Google had also removed Fortnite from the Play Store for the same reason. Indian newsletter Finshots has a solid write up on it as well.

A micro book discussing the Past, Present and Future of Interfaces with some meaningful insights into the success and failures of information capture techniques and design interfaces.

Famed designer and beardpreneur Tobias Van Schneider comments on the recent influx of Design experiments fuelled by GPT-3 and what it means for the largest UX community. I have personally thought about this as well and it increasingly looks like if a lot of decisions are made based on pre-established notions and data is available wouldn’t a solid narrow AI be able to execute a lot of it?

Bad design could be altogether strange, stupid, and hilarious, but if they only elicit a chuckle or disgust, we miss the point. Bad design could be a step away from good design. Jacques Carelman, with his wild and whimsical creations, makes it clear how we often tend to sacrifice usability for the sake of visual trends, novel features, and needless improvements.

FirstbaseHQ founder and a longtime proponent of remote work Chris Herd makes a series of predictions on how the coming decade is going to change because of remote work dominating it. Above the recent thread and here’s the older original thread.

“Vishing” or “voice phishing” is gaining traction since the Twitter attack with several banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, and web hosting firms being targetted in a similar fashion. All these attacks are not by state-sponsored hackers or foreign cybercrime organizations, but young, English-speaking hackers organizing on forums like the website and the chat service Discord, which is worrying.

We are all used to looking at screens and have been party to producing on them. Here’s a solid primer on most things needed to be understood in context with Screens. PPI, Fragmentation, reach etc.

A nice project that has used the Artbreeder AI and Photoshop to turn historical busts of Roman emperors into photorealistic images.

This product fundamentally changes how we do video calls and present our stuff. I won’t say anything more. See for yourself, you’ll find yourself mmhmm-ing in agreement with every new feature.

FB’s new AI can look into a 2D film and turn it into 3D frame by frame. It’s a landmark invention.

See you next week!
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