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D&T Issue 16

Google Career Certificates, A pharma company on Cloud, the launch of Neuralink and the meaning of Product Thesis

Hello there!

Been 4 months of D&T and we are wondering if we should tell more people about it. Should we? I won’t be able to write these mails individually then!

Either way for now, here you go:

Google Career Certificates is opening up a (kind of) new way for people to prepare themselves with relevant skillsets in demand. These shall be at a fraction of fees charged by traditional institutions and shall take 6 months to finish. Currently, this is open only to Americans but prospects seem big.
Here’s the dedicated page for it.

Cards are omnipresent in almost all UI designs, rightly so as it helps to convey the context while hiding an entire plethora of sub-segments beneath it. It helps in that perfect blend of interaction and visual design. The article looks into the basic anatomy and tips and tricks for a better Card Design.

SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) came into the common view recently when LIDAR startup Luminar took that route to public marketsย with a $3.4b valuation. So why are SPACs better than either direct listing or an IPO? Its fully flexible at every step and easier to understand.

Often products built without a central idea tend to get lost in the way and eventually fail. Others often evolve through the process to discover a new goal to concentrate their efforts and eventually succeed. All depends on how the teams narrow down on their Product Thesis and work towards fulfilling it. This piece focusses on 4 well-known products including Alexa and the iPhone and highlights their core theses including the lessons learned from their introduction to the market.

This kinase-targeting, cancer-fighting biotech company – Reverie Lab, has no lab facility of its own but that didnโ€™t stop them from raising $6.6 million a couple of years ago in a virtual drug discovery deal. Reverie Labs apply the powerful discipline of machine learning algorithms to improve the ability to find potential drug candidates.

The harbinger of a fantastic future has tweeted! This Friday super late night, we might get a glimpse of what the future of the brain beholds. We have all been theorising about a brain-machine symbiosis. Here’s a first demo for the public to see what it really seems like via embedded hardware.

Btw, here is a great read from some time ago about Neuralink on Waitbutwhy.

Interesting search behaviour to allow natural language searching on a web page’s content. For instance, you can search for “what is the difference between A and B?” on a page about A and B and the plugin will give you an answer!

Here’s a write up around how the founders of Venmo started up and where it started. Did you know Kortina and Iqram were randomly paired freshmen roommates?

See you next week!
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