D&T Issue 17

Gertrude the futuristic Pig, the Material Design blog, 3d scanning wearables, Alien Dreadnaught automation and the Tsar Bomba in video

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I was just speaking with one of Club’s Designers about D&T and he mentioned he is subscribed to the newsletter not to enrich his life with some scientific knowledge of our realm that this piece of literature disseminates but rather to entertain himself on Wednesday evenings with my dry humour. I think I am gonna dedicate this week’s correspondence to him and try and do better. So I am gonna start with a really good joke in this week’s links.

All (popular) things that are false about programming, art, business, education, geogrpay, emails, identity and whatnot. What a compilation.

“Last Friday Elon Musk accompanied by the Neuralink team demoed their brain implant that allows a chip to tap into electrical impulses of the brain and map them to motor functions (at least). Gertrude the pig had a Neuralink chip implanted in her brain for 2 months before last Friday’s demo and while trotting on a treadmill the team displayed how spikes read from the chip were accurately mapped to actual physical locations on her which were in motion while she walked. Check the demo here.
Another very cool part of the demo was the surgical robot.

Google launched a dedicated blog for Material Design with some interesting reads

It creates 3d scans of the body to detect body fat. It listens for emotions in the user’s voices. It does not have a screen. This is definitely something worth digging into.

Laura Deming runs the Longevity Fund. She describes the study of ageing as: “..trying to figure out what kinds of damage accumulate with age, how to reverse that accumulation, and the search for switches that we could flip in human biology to increase lifespan.” Dive into the basics of longevity research and the factors that influence it.

A 40 min Russian footage of the biggest hydrogen bomb ever tested, Tsar Bomba is now available on Youtube. In terms of destruction, this bomb was 3000 times the size the one dropped at Hiroshima.

Elon Musk had long predicted that at steady state, to go where Tesla wants to go, the Tesla’s factory floor shall become a fully automated ‘alien dreadnaught’. A 49 sec video in this article shows a time-lapse video from Gigafactory Shanghai. By V3, it will be completely automated, with people only present for maintenance.

Companies are already exploring options and getting prepped up for when the office spaces will open up to have a safer and yet inclusive workspace. The criteria would be to have flexibility to downsize and to reduce transit time for employees. Enter: Hub Spoke Model

Here are some really cool open sourced AI tools from Google. The list includes GANs, visual exploration of neural nets, visual probing of model behaviour, scatter plots, music machines and more.

Hope this week has been going well for you.
See you next week!

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