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D&T Issue 19

Apple Event, Bad Critique, Interactive Paper, Blade Runner Skies and Life on Venus

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Did you check out how California rushed right into Philip L Dick’s dystopian future? Here’s a spectacular aerial view of California’s Red Skies.
Btw, here’s a short write up from our editorial on how colours tingle your Design sensibilities while using products.

Ok over to the content for this week:

Apple’s Time Flies Event: Sans iPhones, the event was about updated watches with oxygen level monitoring, a refreshed iPad and, more interesting, a new Apple subscription bundle:’Apple One’.
Here is Verge’s Live Blog.
Also! Apple plans to monitor your blood.

On-screen Digital content is inherently more challenging to read than printed. This implies that there is no way creators can raise the bar for read-through above a certain level, pre-determined by the properties of a human eye and a human brain. The article tries to explore some pointers on increasing read through in the digital realm. Also, the website is slick.

NGL, this one was hilarious. It’s also funny how the Microsoft-Oracle battle still rages. More importantly, do you think Tik Tok users are gonna ask what an Oracle is? Nonetheless, the deal is yet to be approved.

Voice Technology has been showing signs of constant growth over the past few years. Will it be the next big thing as many have predicted, or will it merely die down? There are many ways voice can affect how we design websites in the upcoming future. It’s essential to take note of market trends and usage – seeing how people use voice and thinking of the customer journey. It’s vital we don’t forget the end goals of websites – whether it’s to inform or to sell, the implementation of voice needs to assist this process not make it harder. The article looks at some critical aspects of the implementation of Voice technology

Giving and receiving design/any critique is quintessential in any line of work. Critiquing is about a way to make sure that each person in the room is as smart as the smartest individual in the team. Having said that, critiquing is, and should always be, very human at its core. Article delves at some insights into the art of critiquing.

Purdue engineers have created a printing process to print interactive circuits on paper. The process consists of making the paper dirt-repellent and printing circuits on top. The circuits are able to connect with Bluetooth utilizing electricity generated by contact.

Ghost4 the new military drone unveiled by Palmer Luckey is a 2-meter aircraft with a 100 min flight time that can be carried in a backpack and is akin to a helicopter. Ghost 4 can connect with other Ghost 4 units and create a data-sharing swarm. Palmer Luckey believes the US defence is a timeless machine and it just makes sense to build these.

Venus has shown traces of Phosphene. Phosphene is known to be produced only by decaying organic matter.

Here’s a Github link that hosts a very long list of an extensive variety of Data Science topics on the web. Book mark it for sure!

Brain electrodes and smartphone-style electronics. This device is the result of a decade long research by scientists from Australia’s Monash University.

With tracking apps offboarding all-out personal responsibilities of thought to video and content formats that get shorter and shorter, the human attention span is now at risk of being almost completely lost. Watch this fantastic short movie by Olga Makarchuk on what she believes we need today more than ever, attentive resistance.

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