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Pegasus, Windows 365 and a Fraud on the Farm

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Yesterday, Jeff Bezos, with a few others alongside, took a ride to space in his hilariously suggestive rocket ship. This wasn’t however received without its fair share of blazing criticism, to whom even Jeff declared were, “largely right.”

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From our very own Canvs Editorial: A/B testing is essentially presenting different content versions to different users, gaining insights on which version performs better, and using those results to strategise further improvements.

Microsoft’s announcement this week of Windows 365 points the way to a computing future that could look very different from what we have now.

The much-leaked Backchannel feature has finally arrived.

The company says it is “closely monitoring gambling content,” but legal experts told WIRED that some promotions may be illegal.

Spyware sold to authoritarian regimes used to target activists, politicians and journalists, data suggests.

NSO maintains that it sells its technologies solely to law enforcement and intelligence agencies of “vetted governments” for the purpose of “preventing criminal and terror acts”.

Sparkbox, a web design and development studio, directed this survey. This year’s survey was shared for four weeks across social media platforms, in Slack channels, with visitors on The Foundry, and in emails to web professionals.

Farm Bank let players make money, while supporting real farms. Then the CEO vanished with $80 million.

Sure, they have more time and productivity is up. But there are also deeply personal reasons employees don’t want to go back to work as it was.

The technology is here to stay, but with the more mainstream adoption come design challenges that were until now unsolved.

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