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Apple’s Double Agent, Living upto 200 yrs and the Designer Steve Jobs Couldn’t Hire

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The team here at Canvs are die-hard fans of the movie series ‘The Matrix’ so it came to us as exceptionally good news that ‘The Matrix 4’ was announced at an event in Las Vegas last night. Side note – Priyanka Chopra is in this one.

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Developing a unique perspective results in better designs. Being able to imagine yourself in other people’s shoes (as easy as it sounds) is a skill that requires practice. However, it also requires knowledge on how to do so. This is where theory and practice lean on each other.

Genetic engineering, regenerative medicine, wearables, and AI combine to form a powerful antidote to aging, writes venture capitalist Sergey Young.

The payments giant pioneered digital wallets in India, but has since lost out to well-funded competition from abroad.

For 10 years, experts have tried to bring Tulu to smartphones. But they can’t agree on how.

When Apple was still a fledgling manufacturer of personal computers, Steve Jobs tried to hire Richard Sapper. The job would have required Richard to move from Milan to the Bay Area and abandon his exclusivity contract with IBM, two things he could not do.

This article tells the story of a member of the jailbreaking community who willingly reached out to Global Security (Apple’s anti-leak team) with information on leaks. The informant never received compensation for the leaks, so they decided to tell their story instead.

An exact mathematical concept, pixels are the elementary particles of pictures, based on a subtle unpacking of infinity.

An offboarding experience that isn’t expected of Adobe and what we can learn from it.

America’s liberal imperialist doctrine has been responsible for appalling carnage in places like Vietnam, Iraq, and Central America. But America has also produced a liberal anti-imperialist doctrine that remains ensconced in a TV series that has been captivating US audiences since 1966.

Thanks to a big donation, Caltech has funded a sci-fi-sounding project to foster the development of space-based power by tapping into solar energy.

Tesla is developing a 5’8” Tesla Bot, with a prototype expected sometime next year. The bot is being proposed as a non-automotive robotic use case for the company’s work on neural networks and its Dojo advanced supercomputer.

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