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Syrian Archives and the Voyage of Satoshi

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Design is a subject we discuss a lot in this newsletter and in our lives. With the rapidly changing state of affairs, it seems only fitting that the foundations for creating good designers in the workforce are adequate. Don Norman, legendary UX man has something to say about this.

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In design, technical skills or hard skills as they are also known, are most often talked about and yet what’s usually in the shadows is the importance of soft skills. Developing soft skills should be a high priority on any designer’s list considering collaboration is prominent in the design workplace.

Syria Archive cofounder Hadi Al Khatib is lending his knowledge to human rights defenders in Myanmar, Sudan and Yemen.

Learning about the Pentagon’s drone program through FOIA requests and public filings reveal some scary stuff.

The energy of the impact will be comparable to three tons of TNT exploding, sending thousands of pieces of debris spewing into space. Things might get chaotic.

Apple and Epic games (the makers of Fortnite) have been going at each other for almost a year now. And finally a ruling from a Federal judge might just settle the matter but with one caveat.

Last year, three cryptocurrency enthusiasts bought a cruise ship. They named it the Satoshi, and dreamed of starting a floating libertarian utopia. It didn’t work out.

Few typography tips and tricks from the team at Zomato and their learnings from Sushi.

Money and knowledge from China helped build India’s tech giants, before geopolitics intervened.

Anghami is a case study in how the music business is being gradually transformed from outside its core centers of New York, Los Angeles and London.

There was a time when managing the family farm in India would have been Natarajan “Chandra” Chandrasekaran’s path, but his love of computer programming derailed that plan.

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