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Istanbul’s Mobile Game and Design’s Dirty Secrets

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It may have seemed like merely a couple of hours to you, but the Facebook shutdown on Monday had a global impact on small businesses worldwide. We suppose these are the holes of a profoundly monopolised system finally showing, read all about it here.

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Providing design solutions as a third party to clients (large or small) is a daunting task, and more often than not, this isn’t simply because of the challenge of the design, but instead a myriad of other factors. Canvs Editorial discusses some thoughts to take as you move ahead with a new or existing client.

If users don’t have experience with design conventions, lack digital understanding, don’t have technical access, etc., then the experience is biased against them.

Slice, a Bagalore based Fintech startup, is offering new hires a three-day week with salary at 80% of the going market rate. This is a win-win approach that frees the workers to pursue other passions or interests — or other gigs — while still locking in a steady pay and benefits.

Overworked and underpaid developers are helping fuel Istanbul’s mobile gaming bonanza.

Billions of users were unable to access Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for hours while the social media giant scrambled to restore services.

Insiders say that marketing missteps and duplicated development processes meant IBM Cloud was doomed from the start, and eight years after it attempted to launch its own public cloud, the future of its effort is in dire straits.

Containing 2.94 terabytes, the Pandora Papers is the largest leak ever with a much wider array of offshore providers than previous leaks, 14 in total.

The dystopian Netflix hit taps South Korea’s worries about costly housing and scarce jobs, concerns familiar to its U.S. and international viewers.

The actor who played Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series is set to embark on a real-life journey into space. In the meantime, BO seems to be in some hot water over allegations of a bad work culture and poor worker safety.

Inc42 brings you a curated list of 30 early stage startups set up after 2018 that are disrupting the way businesses used to operate.

A handful of Amazon’s new devices announced at its annual fall hardware event this week bear striking similarities to preexisting products. Amazon’s platform allows it to collect valuable data that can be used to launch competing products.

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