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The Global Gig Worker and Writing Software with Style

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William Shatner sure seems to as he prepares for Blue Origin Launch to the Edge of Space today. The Star Trek actor will boldly go where no 90-year-old has gone before. Catch all the live updates here.

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Storyboarding is a form of visual communication used to represent a sequence of events. For short films, TV programs, advertisements, video games, it helps one visualise the elements of the final video or multimedia project. Let’s see how it can aid UX.

Modern software’s humdrum lack of identity has resulted in users craving more interesting, opinionated tools, tools that feel like us — or a better, more interesting and wackier version of us.

From designing interfaces to designing systems, the article looks into the major milestones from 2005 to 2016 in terms of evolution of patterns to design systems.

The platform work model is reshaping entire economies, sectors, lifestyles, and livelihoods.

Spotify recently gave all its Anchor creators the ability to make polls and Q&As and is testing interactive ads. Other platforms are also trying different ways to allow podcast listeners to interact with content.

Game-streaming platform Twitch has been the victim of a leak, reportedly divulging confidential company information and streamers’ earnings.

Macro photography is a field of photography that focuses on extreme close-ups of things magnified up to 10x. This article explores what the new lens in iPhone 13 Pro unlocks, some details in its implementation and how it works, and much more.

The next car or appliance you buy will be in use for at least a decade. It needs to run on electricity—not fossil fuels. How can we get everyone to make that decision for their next purchase?

A conversation with Chris Herd, who foresees a future in which most companies are remote-first.

Megatron-Turing Natural Language Generation (MT-NLP) achieves “unmatched” accuracy in a broad set of natural language tasks including reading comprehension, common-sense reasoning, and natural language inferences.

Eight in 10 thermal power stations within days of running out as state blackouts spark protests.

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