D&T Issue 97

Thinking Like the World’s Greatest Designers & Confirming the Simulation Theory

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A rather inspiring story from the otherwise violent backdrop – how a Ukrainian tech company has been keeping work going from bunkers and battlefields.

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A Buenos Aires hacker haven produced some of Argentina’s most valuable crypto companies. Then it suddenly disappeared.

Google and Apple have tried to crack down, but location data brokers are moving to a new way to collect your whereabouts that’s much harder to detect.

Many inscriptions are so decrepit that large chunks are illegible. The company’s Ithaca tool assists historians in filling in the blanks.

First-principles thinking is one of the best ways to reverse-engineer complicated problems and unleash creative possibility.

For the uninitiated, BlinkIt (erstwhile Groffers) delivers groceries online. The rebranding comes in the wake of a new entrant, Zepto, in the market. Now the question remains, will this new stint as BlinkIt yield results? Meanwhile, as per reports, Zomato is nearing an all-stock deal to take over Blinkit.

The legendary design firm that made Target a star is introducing a new line of products for CVS.

In a new book, Maria Brito looks at how designers and innovators throughout history have unlocked their creativity and changed the world.

CEO Matt Mullenweg on why he bets big on small companies.

The only people who absolutely disagree are, well, scientists. They need to get over themselves and join the fun.

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