D&T Issue 102

The Secret Language of Maps and Troubles at Netflix

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The writing may be on the wall for sharing Netflix accounts. They’re estimating that a huge amount of people watch the service thanks to account sharing, this leading to the obvious point of their recent decline in users across the global market.

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Commercial artists may want to look away now.

A new book, The Secret Language of Maps, shares techniques that can help you sort information and make it more compelling—no matter who your audience is.

The blockchain security arms race, Jack versus Vlad, and Coinbase versus the SEC.

Quantum Motors is trying to bring electric vehicles to Latin America, in the form of tiny electric cars.

Too many nature writers descend into poetic self-absorption instead of the sharp-eyed realism the natural world deserves.

Earnings and avenues for social media influencers, gamers and streamers are rising in India, through newer formats, features, programmes, and direct monetization opportunities being offered by platforms, spurring many to chuck regular professions and pursue their passions full time.

Online activists Gen-Z for Change targeted Starbucks and Kroger for anti-union firings. Now they plan to take aim at Amazon.

The world’s richest man is trying to shore up debt financing, including potentially taking out a loan against his shares of Tesla, so he can buy Twitter for $43 billion.

The lagging subscriber growth is prompting Netflix to contemplate offering a lower-priced version of the service with advertising.

A senior official from the road transport and highways ministry told ET that the government is planning to come out with norms to assure quality controls for EV batteries.

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