D&T Issue 103

Musk Takes over Twitter & Tech’s Effects on Tastemaking

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Elon Musk pledges to ‘authenticate all humans‘ as he buys Twitter for $44 billion. A look at how the site may change now that he’s in charge.

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Choice making was a particularly human trait, that is until digital aggregators came to be a thing. In this article, the Canvs Editorial team explores the concept of hyper-smart aggregation and how it affects mindsets and opinions.

Hypersonic weapons fly much higher than slower subsonic missiles—but much lower than intercontinental ballistic missiles.

From the Arab Spring to Russian censorship: a decade of internet blackouts and repression by authoritarian regimes to silence dissent.

The flexible, thin-film device has the potential to make any surface into a low-power, high-quality audio source.

HyPoint and GTL are developing ultra-lightweight cryogenic hydrogen tanks that the partnership promises will radiacally boost the range of clean hydrogen-electric aircraft.

All major airlines are exploring the metaverse in some form or the other. A few are also minting out limited edition NFTs but will it entice travellers enough to engage and spend?

The social network’s user data and more will soon be at the whims of the world’s richest man. Who’s worried?

Ironmouse is the alter ego of a Puerto Rican Twitch star who’s kept her real identity anonymous and crafted an elaborate backstory in service of her online persona.

Alan Turing was a pioneer of machine learning, whose work continues to shape the crucial question: can machines think?

In designing a watch to mark their 10-year anniversary, the folks at WT Author also ended up encapsulating their entire philosophy into 10 principles that govern how the independent UK-based watchmaker creates its timepieces.

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