D&T Issue 106

AR Translations and Design Decisions That Should Be Retired in 2022

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NFT’s, they’ve come – and they feel like their going. However, they still might have some value.

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It is shocking and oftentimes infuriating when modern apps fail to deliver some simple things. Canvs Editorial takes a look at some bewildering product design choices still plaguing us in 2022.

Electric fishes inspired Alessandro Volta to conduct the original research that ultimately led to his battery.

It’s good to dream, but Google Translate has its own core challenges.

From tech leaders, innovators, and investors to activists, Rest of World identified 100 people outside Silicon Valley and the West whose efforts directly impact countries where the majority of the world’s population lives.

A design case study to discuss possible reasons why customers abandon their online shopping carts and what solutions are recommended in each particular case.

Material Design’s latest accessibility, color, and components are featured at I/O

A look at what digital taxes are and how India hopes to make foreign companies pay their fair share in taxes.

The new movement wants to free us from Big Tech and exploitative capitalism—using only the blockchain, game theory, and code. What could possibly go wrong?

Math has long been the language of science, engineering, and finance, but can math help you feel calm on a turbulent flight? Get a date? Make better decisions?

Gato is what DeepMind describes as a “general-purpose” system, a system that can be taught to perform many different types of tasks.

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