D&T Issue 116

Selling Shares of Yourself and Solving the Right Problems

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As Zomato stock price falls to a record low, memes rise on twitter. A telling lesson in what is to expect from the coming times along with a potentially needed attitude adjustment.

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Designers are commonly referred to as problem-solvers. We use different design process models, and there are plenty to choose from, to generate better outcomes.

India’s tech industry is ruling out a US recession. Or so you would think from Infosys Ltd.’s cheery forecast of 14 per cent to 16 per cent annual revenue growth.

Two tech-minded brothers are testing the market on themselves.

Artificial intelligence may be making some jobs obsolete but it has given a new lease of life to one group of people who play an unglamorous but critical role in the machine learning pipeline: first generation women workers in Indian towns and villages.

Robots will venture into the sunless depths of lunar craters to find ancient water ice, while studies find hints about how water arrives on rocky worlds.

Style cycles in and out of fashion—history helps us decode the present and forecast the future.

Ola and Uber are the two most popular ride-hailing platforms in India. However, they are being challenged by several smaller start-ups, traditional players, and business models specific to each category.

Many women have shunned the male-dominated social network because they’re worried about their safety and privacy, according to the Meta research.

The reason why the Indian government is privatising opium processing.

The new UI is plainly inspired by TikTok, the way Instagram has routinely been “inspired” by its more innovative rivals, like when they clone-stamped Stories out of Snapchat.

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