D&T Issue 119

Fevicol’s Monopoly and Robots That Think For Themselves

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China’s satellite tracking vessel Yuan Wang 5 on August 16 arrived at Sri Lanka’s southern Hambantota Port, despite India and the U.S. voicing concern with Colombo over the military ship’s visit. Hours after the vessel reached the Sri Lankan port, China said the “marine scientific research” activities of the vessel were “consistent with international law” and did not impact “any other country’s security interests”.

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In exploring a family of two-dimensional crystals, a husband-and-wife team is uncovering a potent variety of new electron behaviors.

Bangalore-based Exponent Energy might have come up with a way to deliver 15-minute rapid charging for electric vehicles.

A look at their innovative strategy to get ~70% market share in a span of 63 years.

London- and Los Altos-based startup Stability AI this week announced the release of a DALL-E 2-like system, Stable Diffusion, to just over a thousand researchers ahead of a public launch in the coming weeks.

Giving a robotic assistant a broad-based understanding of how to be helpful at home or work isn’t easy. But Google researchers are making progress.

Spoiler alert: It involves the underworld and helicopters and also the likes of Yes Bank and Union Bank of India.

How to deconstruct the gender binary in design and make space for gender fluidity.

WeWork’s founder is back with a billion-dollar venture.

As many as 119 bank accounts of Vivo India have been frozen, while Oppo India has been accused of avoiding taxes worth $551 million.

The global hit primed Western audiences for films and shows about South Korea as a dystopia.

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