D&T Issue 144

Loving & Regulating Robots

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It’s issue #144 of DNT Weekly and the week has been quite eventful. Here’s what we’ve been reading.

A new poll from McAfee suggests that AI-assisted missives could quickly change the nature of romantic courtship. So it becomes important to wonder, are you sure a human wrote that love letter to you?

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An extremely accomplished young designer from the Canvs team shares their thoughts on the creative<>structured process of product ddsign, and how younger folks can harness their capabilities.

OpenAI launched a tool that is designed to distinguish between human-written and AI-generated text.

The AI that powers the language-learning app today could disrupt education tomorrow.

Murati is chief technology officer at OpenAI, leading the teams behind DALL-E, which uses AI to create artwork based on prompts, and ChatGPT, the wildly popular AI chatbot that can answer complex questions with eerily humanlike skill.

Gene editing insects could help reduce reliance on pesticides—and help protect billion-dollar industries.

New York Times Graphics and R&D engineers worked with wildfire experts to visualize how fires create their own weather patterns. An engineer describes the process behind this data driven graphic.

Google has announced Bard, a ChatGPT competitor that uses Google’s own language model – Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). The statement comes only days after Google CEO Sundar Pichai detailed the company’s progress during an earnings call.

Workers describe a peak production season marred by labor protests and Covid-19 chaos, right as Apple reconsiders its China supply chain.

Zara customers in Spain will lose out on free returns unless they take it to a physical shop or third-party drop-off points. Similar stories coming from other giants like Flipkart in India.

Pakistani startups saw a nearly 80% year-on-year fall in funding in Q4. The economic slump could mean more bad news.

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