D&T Issue 146

AI Powered Immortality and E-Pharmacy Troubles

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It’s issue #146 of DNT Weekly and as per usual the week has been eventful. Here’s what we’ve been reading of late.

For as long as we’ve been around, human beings have fought against the inevitability of death. This struggle has given rise to religions that have dominated human culture for millennia and has been central to philosophies that have shaped our civilizations. Turns out, a proverbial for of immortalisation is possible with AI, the question is, should this exist?

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In another push towards accessibility and becoming technology-friendly, the apex court has started using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transcribe its proceedings live on a pilot basis. This comes months after the Supreme Court started live-streaming its hearings in Constitution Bench cases.

Let’s focus on cognitive accessibility of digital products and how to make them better for users with ADHD.

In behavioral psychology, the mirror test is designed to discover animals’ capacity for self-awareness.

The intervention may break down methane, mimicking a phenomenon that could have amplified ice ages. But scientists say far more basic research still needs to be done.

A few days ago the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) sent out notices to 20 online pharmacies. The ones you’re probably used to buying medicines from ― Tata 1mg, Netmeds, Apollo, etc. The Chemists Association threatened to go on a strike against e-pharmacies too.

Synchron is part of an emerging crop of companies testing technology in the brain-computer interface industry.

Citizens in each nation can use their local payments systems to send money to those in the foreign land in “real-time.”

As fraudsters exploit payment apps to swipe free stuff, the apps blame victims’ poor “financial education.”

15 percent of employees who participated said that “no amount of money” would convince them to go back to working five days a week.

How the Ukraine conflict transformed the cyber threat landscape.

Why would it be so bad if our species came to an end? It is a question that reveals our latent values and hidden fears.

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