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Offboarding With Grace, Working-Class Indian Creators and The Rashomon Effect

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Did you know Facebook is planning to rebrand with a whole new name for the social media platform being announced next week? Looks like they might be trying to revamp their image in the face of some horrendous PR.

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Offboardings are just as critical as onboardings and should be given just as much attention, if not more. Canvs Editorial looks into the concept of offboarding, its UX implications and best practices, enabling you to say your goodbyes with grace.

A look at various streaming platforms and why Netflix is dominating with Squid Game. The Tarantino-meets-Terry-Gilliam take on children’s games has the fastest-growing audience of any Netflix original ever, registering a 981% engagement increase in its first week.

Coldplay has announced its next world tour will have a net-zero carbon footprint and released a sustainability plan that includes direct-air carbon capture technology by Climeworks.

A trove of internal Amazon documents reveals how the e-commerce giant ran a systematic campaign of creating knockoff goods and manipulating search results to boost its own product lines in India – practices it has denied engaging in. And at least two top Amazon executives reviewed the strategy.

Especially in the wake of Facebook’s whistleblower scandal that revealed internal research showing that its products were harmful to some users, including teenage girls — lawmakers in the US lately seem more interested in talking about how to regulate algorithms than how to beat China in the AI race.

“Tik-Tok was a canteen; Instagram is a café. But the canteen has better food, and the café serves costly coffee that not everyone drinks.”

Approaching a problem from a Systems Thinking perspective helps acknowledging that complex systems are interconnected, and every change or impact on any part will likely affect the system as a whole.

The company is working on AI systems that are constantly analyzing peoples’ lives using first-person video in order to help them with everyday tasks.

What can a Kurosawa classic tell us about reality, knowledge and truth?

Apple ‘Unleashed’ event announcements include AirPods 3 with spatial audio, new MacBooks and two new chips — M1X and M1 Pro. Along with these, Apple added new colours to Home Pod mini.

Skelleftea is a town in the far north of Sweden with a climate-conscious focus. The town recently erected a 20 story wooden skyscraper.

The research, led by scientist Puneet Dwivedi, have found a new plant-based aviation fuel that could significantly reduce the environmental impact of flying.

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