D&T Issue 99

No Amazon, No Problem and The Axie Hack

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The current global climate has led to a thought that most likely will come to fruition, global supply chains and politics are never going to be the same, instead, they might be transformed into something called supply ‘webs’.

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The spread of “Z” in Russia is a remarkable example of how swiftly and decisively the meaning of a symbol can be completely reinvented.

There’s money to be made, though most institutions are wary of getting involved.

A hacker stole $625 million from the blockchain behind NFT game Axie Infinity

E-commerce giants don’t reliably deliver to the remote islands of French Polynesia, so locals made their own online shopping service.

A new proof significantly strengthens a decades-old result about the ubiquity of ways to represent whole numbers as sums of fractions.

Google wants to win the quantum computing race by being the tortoise, not the hare.

The social media giant said Tuesday that the new tool will initially give creators access to content from Giphy, the online search engine for the short looping images known as GIFs.

You may have heard about a similar concept before called conspicuous consumption. Conspicuous consumption describes the practice of purchasing luxury goods (or services) for the sake of signaling the buyer’s wealth in order to attain or maintain a certain social status.

Western governments need to use all the data and information available to them to analyze the efficacy of their unprecedented sanctions against Russia. Whatever the outcome, it is already clear that the world needs to introduce some rules to govern such nonviolent weapons before the next great-power conflict erupts.

The desire for certainty is often foolish and sometimes dangerous. Scepticism undermines it, both in oneself and in others.

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